May 9, 2010

Become An Expert In That What You Love And Get Rich In The Meantime

Hello dear friend,

Today, no no sorry, I mean yesterday, I had a chat with my sister, not a virtual one but a one-to-one talk. The subject of it, in addition to be my sister´s birthday, was about our businesses, and she told me: how is it possible that you aren´t promoting the USANA business if you love its principle as I do?;So  I told her: Obby (my sister´s name is Rosa María but she like us to call her Robby): Your actions to take, are the ones that lead you to become an expert in that what you love and then, that what you love would become a very valuable knowledge, a knowledge that plenty of people would love to know in order to apply it in their lives.

I told her all that because her business is about health, mainly prevention to achieve a very healthiy future about your body´s health and fitness, I mean the knowledge she is interested in is a knowledge that has give her a very healthy and to be at peak of fitness and as this is somewhat very important for almost everyone, she could pitch the best nutritionals suplements in the market to peple that are really avid to buy them so, she have to keep learning everything about the general health and the benefits that the USANA products are able to give to anyone and then let the people know about it and become rich in the process. She agreed.

Robby has tne great advantage of being a blog owner already so, the only thing she´s got to do is write and give people the best information about how to become healty and give them as well access to to best products in the market to satisfy your needs the best way possible. Write about something that is very intersting to plenty of people and something about she cares big time so, how a better formula?

That is the case that may people have to get into, mainly if you´re thinking about being independent strating a venture that will cater you and your future generations as well as all your clients, just connecting people looking for something with something of the best quality all around the world of the same stuff. To achive that, you´ve gotta research a lot in order to find out what is actually the best stuff of that one you wanna be at the top of.

I´m closing the registrations to my HBBK-H membership because I´m preparing its re-launch. If you are already a member, you can log-in as usual but new registrations are unabled until new notice.

Think about that what you enjoy doing and build a business around it.


Yours for Higher Achievers, Time And Time Again,


Daniel Cajiga

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